facebook name change brings a lot of trolls everywhere
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Do you remember the time when Xiaomi decided to get rid of a name? Or the time when our famous grocery mall changed its name from ‘Hyperstar’ to ‘Carrefour’? Just like that, Facebook has decided to change its name to ‘Meta’. Quite a lot of thought has gone into the name, it seems. However, the trolls have been at it again. We showed you the memes that surfaced. Now, brands have begun to take part in the trolling as well!

It is always fun to see humour on the internet. This has been no less of a joyride than any other hilarious news. Meta has even replied to some of the brands, all in good humour. There is no bad blood amongst anyone and everything is being done with some level of consideration. However, that doesn’t mean that it is not funny!

meta and facebook trolls everywhere
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Facebook Being Trolled

According to what we have seen, Facebook is doing a lot more than just changing its name. They have been focusing on establishing this new universe for their applications. They intend to merge all of them and bring people onto a single virtual platform. It can be considered as the base version of what we saw in ‘Ready Player One’. However, the trolls just keep on coming. Check out some of the brands that have taken part in this,

As you can see, they have pulled this troll as well.

There has been nothing but comedy ever since the name was changed. Brands are just rising up to troll Meta. Meta, or Facebook, has even replied in response.

The Trolls Won’t Stop

As you can observe, the brands just keep going on and on as we explore the internet. They are hilarious and quite innovative.

Let us see how long the trolling lasts and how many more name changes we can expect to see soon.

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