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The phenomenon of metaverse has existed for quite some time. It was there in the Matrix and Ready Player One. In fact, it was also making its way into the world for some time with virtual reality games offering you options to make purchases real-time purchases. But since it was usually in games, it wasn’t being given much attention. However, with the parent company Facebook rebranding itself as Meta, people were blasted with the fact that metaverse was soon to become the truth.

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Metaverse universally

As you would know that the plan of the metaverse is to allow people to spend their whole lives in a virtual universe. Be it attending school, going to the library, shopping, having virtual cars to do all these tasks online; everything to be done there. This opens up the possibility of brands having a presence in the virtual world, of course. And they have begun doing it.

NASCAR, the auto racing sanctioning and operating company, is already dropping the first digital car in a game known as jailbreak. Soon, apparel brands and other categories will jump in too. But this is still, metaverse in the global context.

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Metaverse in Pakistan

Entertainment, technology, trends – initially, it was hypothesized that it takes Pakistan ten years to adopt something from India which they adopted ten years after the first world. Of course, the advent of digital has revamped the situation. While the ten years may not balance the equation now, it still takes time for Pakistan to adopt what is going on in the Global North.

Like we discussed above, Metaverse is still in its infancy. Brands of the Global North themselves are still trying to understand it. Yes, some are already trying their luck but it’s a very small percentage of big names doing so. Hence, if a phenomenon is still not fully realized in the first world, do you really think brands in Pakistan would adopt it already?

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Pakistani brands

Should the brands in Pakistan be excited about it? No. But should they plan for it? Most definitely, YES!

One doesn’t know how soon Pakistanis will adopt the metaverse. But given how soon TikTok became a sensation in the country soon after its launch it may very well be that Pakistanis will also adopt it. If there is even a remote possibility of it happening soon, then Pakistani brands should surely be ready for it.

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