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The phenomenon of Brand Wars always incites excitement regardless of where it happens. The parent company, Facebook rebranded itself as Meta. Twitter trolled it. The engagement on the tweet was iconic. Another instance would be when Facebook malfunctioned and brands had a field day with it. In a similar event, but on a different medium, the brand wars happen slightly differently.

Brand Wars

Brand Wars albeit rarely but happen on out-of-home (OOH) advertising mediums as well. Internationally, these brands even hint at each other in a subtle but not so subtle way and then entire conversations ensue. At other times, brands place their promotional material (billboards or signs) near their competitor’s outlets reading to quite a debate.

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In Pakistan, it is a phenomenon triggered rarely because of the consequences. Not too long ago, the Diamon Supreme and Master Molty Foam took their fight to legal avenues based on advertising banter. It could be because of this that people tend to avoid getting into debates.

Starlet Vs Bata

In recent news, the brand wars got their recent installment in the shape of Starlet and Bata; the former posted a billboard above the outlet of Bata. The visuals show a man stepping with the sneakers on. And as obvious, it implies that the man is stepping on Bata.

Imagine the detrimental effects of it on the outlet because the image in the potential consumers’ minds would be that of Starlet whenever they think of Bata.

bata brand wars
Image Source: Facebook

Seeing this marketing, much of the population was triggered and it led to quite a debate.

Image Source: Facebook
Image Source: Facebook

That said, we cannot discount the factor, Bata’s brand value. From before we became crazy about brands society, Canadian-based Bata existed in Pakistan. From sneakers to casuals, everyone turned to the brand. Safe to say, Bata has a nostalgic value attached to it. Hence, more than detrimental effects on Bata, it is more like Starlet will cash on Bata’s hype.

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Of course, it will be more fun to see brands of equal stature come at each others’ toes, that will be a fair fight. Hopefully, more brands will become open to such

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