Samsung iPhone12
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Brand wars always bring some flair to life. Be it Lipton, with Yellow Label, McDonald’s with Burger King, or Samsung and iPhone, these brands keep fighting through their ads from time to time. And it’s fun. With Apple releasing iPhone 12, Samsung has once again started taking jabs, and people love it.

Apple’s iPhone 12

So let’s first look at what Apple has been up to.

If you are a loyal Apple fan, you will know that Apple is known to launch its products in the first half of September. Yet, when the launch happened this year, the band released all the accessories but not the awaited phone, the iPhone 12. And it made the fans disappointed.

But Apple finally returned on October 13th with the 12th series of their signature product. Here is the kicker, though. There was no charger in the box. The iPhone users have to buy it separately as if the phone was not expensive enough.

The ‘Memers‘ were not far away, though, and they started trolling the iPhone on Twitter.

The tweet said:

“2016 iPhone 7: No headphone jack.

2017 iPhone X: No home button.

Two thousand twenty iPhone 12: No headphones, no charger in the box.

2021: no iPhone in the box.”

Samsung joins the Race

Samsung didn’t loiter far away. And they trolled their long term rival right away. The official page for Samsung Caribbean posted on their Facebook that they would not pull such a prank on their consumers. The picture on the post showed a charger, and the caption in it read: ‘Included with your galaxy.’

Samsung Mobile US also took to their Twitter, mocking one of the iPhone 12’s features. iPhone 12 prides itself on the new 5G quality being introduced. Samsung makes it a point that the audience knows it’s something they had already done quite some time ago.

They said:

“Some people are just saying hi to speed now; we’ve been friends for a while.”

Brands have always been known to be in brand wars. But this issue is quite essential. We all know that Apple is the trendsetter for many smartphone brands. And the phones are already so expensive. And some phones are already not giving headphones. So if other phones pick up on this, they will stop adding chargers in the box, making buying phones all the more challenging.

And to talk about iPhone users. They surely have put up with the tantrum apple has been throwing for quite some time. But will they choose to switch from the brand? I don’t think so. One can say Apple is an addiction; once on it, you cannot leave.

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