Brand Wars: Pepsi Zero Sugar Takes A Dig At Coke Zero
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Coca-Cola and Pepsi are at it once again with their latest marketing strategies in today’s episode of brand wars. Pepsi is calling out Coca-Cola in hopes of getting the loyal Coke customers under their spell.

Coca-Cola Zero Revolutionised 

Coca-Cola zero has been through significant changes ever since it was released, from rebranding to new marketing strategies in hopes of getting Coke zero the fame it deserves. However, a few months ago, the plan backfired when Coca-Cola came out with a new version of Coca-Cola Zero which didn’t seem to sit best with the netizens. As a result, Coca-Cola launched a campaign under the name of Try It First to lower the judgment and speculations of people around it.

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How It All Started?

A few weeks ago, Coca-Cola released a campaign to promote the latest reimagined Coca-Cola Zero. The newest version of Zero has been given a look and the feel of a classic coke. The newest version hit the shelves in July with not just refreshed taste but also improvised packaging. The marketing campaign for the Coca-Cola Zero launch consisted of three different advertisements. However, the game started when Coca-Cola asked their fans this question.

 Is this the “Best Coke Ever?”

In response to the question, they also answered in a classic call-to-action manner.

“You need to try it first.” 

Pepsi Takes A Dig On Coke-Zero 

There is no doubt that both Pepsi and Coke have a fan base of their own. No one is unaware of the digs both brands have taken on each other now and then, to cash more loyal customers. However, this time Pepsi is taking its most undue turn to call out Coca-Cola once again after the launch of its latest version of Coke Zero. They even asked the customers to get reimbursed if they are not satisfied with the taste. The shade is real, and everyone is looking out for it.

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Pepsi even moved on to openly announce the hashtag #MyCokeBreakUp and asked the customers to switch to Pepsi once and for all. Adding that if they are disappointed with their sugar-free version, they can get their payments reimbursed upon showing proof.

Needless to say that the drama is becoming too much now; clearly, Pepsi has taken a simple question to heart.

In an upcoming football game, PepsiCo is an official NFL sponsor for the series. The announcement made by Pepsi said that much of its marketing would revolve around the Pepsi zero version. Pepsi is all set to make the most of this dama as it ramps up its adversarial messaging against its chief competitor.

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