BMW May Have This Feature Missing In Its New Cars

Due to the present chip scarcity, luxurious vehicle producer BMW is reportedly delivering a few of its automobiles without Android Auto and CarPlay.

Starting in 2019 and increasing in 2020, almost every mannequin of BMW has included full assist for Android Auto. However, some prospects have discovered that their newly bought BMW doesn’t assist Android Auto or Carla.

According to a press release from BMW, the lacking performance is a result of ongoing chip scarcity. It is said to have affected almost every business that makes use of electronics.

“The chips built into these cars in the first four months of this year need updated software. In order to be fully functional and offer Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and Wi-Fi capability,”

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BMW Supply Demand 

In order to get the automobiles to their locations on schedule, BMW modified suppliers started utilizing a chip that doesn’t have an applicable software program.

Luckily, that is solely a short-lived difficulty for the affected automotive house owners. BMW has mentioned that these autos will obtain an over-the-air (OTA) replace “by the top of June on the newest” bringing full Android Auto and CarPlay capabilities.

It’s unclear if only certain regions are affected by the issue. According to a publication, drivers from the US, UK, Italy, Spain, and France have reported receiving their new vehicles without either functionality.

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BMW, initially, started integrating Android Auto into its cars in July 2020 after offering Apple carpla for a few years.

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Why Android Auto And Apple CarPlay is Important? 

These software models are important for drivers since they allow car owners to use applications even when they are driving. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the car screens of drivers can copy the functions of their smartphones.

This means that the vehicle displays can offer music applications, make calls, and send text messages whenever necessary.

Drivers can access all these things using voice commands. While allowing them to maintain their focus on the road since they only need to speak to access apps. As well as call and text their friends and loved ones.

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