After Eid holidays were announced by the federal government, it is now official that banks are to remain closed for 5 consecutive days.

The reason behind the long holiday is that banks remain closed on the weekends, Saturday June 24- Sunday June 25th, and they will remain closed during the Eid holidays as well, Monday June 26th-28th.

All citizens are requested to carry out all needed transactions and other businesses before the weekend so that any and all inconvenience can be avoided. Since the Eid holidays are nearing in, the need for money increases because of distribution of Eidi among children and adults.

It would be wise not to be dependent on ATMs during this period as is has often been observed that the machines run out of cash eventually and are not re-filled. This leaves citizens cash-less and they are forced to return home empty-handed.

Please plan all your activities accordingly.

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