Balenciaga has made sure to make a fashion statement time and again. While not everyone might get it – it is what it is. If there is one brand who had made a point to launch bizarre yet statement pieces – it’s Balenciaga.

Recently, the brand has launched one-of-a-kind’ shoelace earrings’ and it has got the netizens talking. After the brand introduced its ‘ trash pou ch’, worn-out sneakers, very desi print blanket and grocery bags, the brand is back at it with its newest launch.

People aren’t just calling out Balenciaga’s latest earrings collection but it has become a trending topic of discussion among fashion critics and other fashion-related websites. Highsnobsociety, an Instagram page that posts things related to ongoing fashion trends, shared an image of Balenciaga’s new earrings and wrote, “Every so often something lands on our desk that’s just too stupid to let lie.”


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The earrings are, literally, just nicely tied shoelaces. The earrings are an attempt by the brand “to incorporate everyday objects into the house’s jewellery collections.” If this black and white combination does not appeal to you, Balenciaga offers another option of pink and black shoelace earrings.

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The jewellery piece, which is made of recycled polyester and cotton with antique silver brass, looks very close to shoelaces. It is priced at a whopping Rs 40,847 ($261). As per the description given on the brand’s official site, these earrings have the brand’s name engraved on them and are also made in Italy.

Twitter Reacts 

As soon as it was posted online, fans took to the comments section to express their opinion on Balenciaga’s new product. Twitter also got swarmed with confused netizens’ comments who were baffled at the luxury product.

Some people made a point about how Balenciaga’s collections are always bizarre. Hence, it’s no surprise to see this on their portfolio.

BRB, wondering what other bizarre things are high-end fashion brands going to sell us under the garb of high-end fashion.

Share your thoughts about the brand’s latest launch in the comments below.

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