Inspired by the Malaysian Mahathir Mohamad Mosque, Bahria Town owner, Malik Riaz Hussain, has given Pakistan one more gift, the 7th largest mosque in the world, completed at a cost of PKR 4 Billion. 

The mosque has the capacity to accommodate 95,000 people during prayers. The Grand Jamia Masjid in Bahria Town Lahore is one of the finest specimens of Islamic architecture and proudly holds the title of being Pakistan’s largest. The Grand Jamia Masjid in Lahore has quickly established itself as an Islamic icon throughout the Muslim World.

The magnificent mosque is made up of 4 million Multani mitti handmade tiles. The 2.5 inch long, beautiful tiles have been placed to build the masterpiece, without the use of any machinery, over the period of 4 years.

Majestic Night View!

We have some Exclusive Indoor and Outdoor pictures from the Jamia Mosque Lahore, have a look here!


The dome is certainly similar to the Mosques in Turkey

The intricate detailing is definitely worth seeing!

Photographs Courtesy: Farhan Adil Mehboob

Bahria Town Karachi also The Jamia Mosque under construction, it will have the capacity to accommodate around 800,000 people and will undoubtedly create history in the world of Islamic Architecture.

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