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Privacy can be a major concern in many areas of business and operation. If the clients don’t get the amount of privacy they are promised, they just might flare up and leave. It becomes a legal court matter when the privacy rights of a person are violated. We all remember the whistleblower, Edward Snowden, because of whom we came to know about the workings of the NSA. One does not even feel safe when they know they are being watched. It just cycles back to the era set in George Orwell’s ‘1984’. So, why has the Avari hotel chain released a statement?

It seems that the statement they released has been done to clarify something. The hotel chain is a family that they refer to themselves as. There had been a lot of rumours circulating recently that the hotel chain had hidden CCTVs set up in their rooms where customers stayed. Of course, such a privacy concern can cause destruction and havoc in the industry. The chain is long and old and it would not do well to have such rumours become a reality.

avari cameras issue and illegal case
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The Avari Statement

According to the statement released, it clarified that there are no surveillance cameras present in any of the rooms. The staff and owners of the hotel have no part in the placement of cameras in rooms because it is illegal. It can be a different story if a customer decides to commit such an act but the hotel owners are not supporters of this. They have made it quite clear that they are against the notion of invading privacy.

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The statement comes as a relief too as the rumours had begun to escalate. Just a while back, a local hotel was shut down by the authorities because they had CCTVs set up in their rooms. If this case was with Avari, it would have led to a bigger, legal court case. They would have had a plethora of regulations and sanctions rained down on them. Who knows, they may even have closed down!

Privacy Invasion

Of course, this does make one think as to what caused the rumours in the first place. Apparently, it came to light that a political personality had been recorded in one of the Avari hotels on a camera placed in the room. It was also against this that the hotel released the statement, saying their owners and staff had nothing to do with the placement. If it was done, it was done by an outside party and was going to be investigated.

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Avari hotel believes in the satisfaction of customers and putting their needs above all. They believe that customers have a right to feel safe in the environment and not feel as if they have an eye on their shoulder. Privacy is a major concern in the real world and the virtual one. Anonymity can make people fearless so you never know what one might do.

We hope that the statement manages to extinguish any flames that have been fanned due to the rumours.

avari hotel and camera incident
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