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Daraz is the largest e-commerce platform in Pakistan and is a one-of-a-kind community for many Pakistanis. Not only does the platform have it all for you, but it also has been a key player in empowering many Pakistanis who found themselves stumbling financially. Here are some real-life examples that show how influential Daraz is and why it deserves greater appreciation!

daraz changing lives
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Fighting All Odds with Quratulain Hassan

Quratulain Hassan is a woman who was used to being active and earning throughout her life. Until in 2019, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour and her life came to a standstill. She thought she couldn’t do anything anymore until she came across Daraz! However, even after signing up on Daraz, it wasn’t a magical fairytale for her. She faced her ups and downs and slow growth but it was only with time she started growing her venture.

In some time, Hassan achieved the milestone of earning 1 million revenue in 70 days. Now, she gives back to the community by giving online courses to others! We can’t help but commend women like Quratulain Hassan who refuse to be defeated by life. Onwards and upwards!

Another Life-Changing Story

The second person Daraz has helped incredibly is a young man, Farhan Faisal. He was interested in photography, freelancing, SEO writing— all the things a freelancer wishes to pursue. He tried his hand at Fiverr and Freelancer but couldn’t develop skills properly and felt restricted. But alas, everything is predestined and happens for a reason! When he got his first phone from his salary, he wanted to purchase its accessories that were not available anywhere. And that’s how he came across Daraz! He signed up on Daraz because he wanted his own business of phone accessories. 

Starting since 2017, it has been 4 years since he became a seller. Now, his business has expanded so much that he has started hiring employees. It’s an inspiration for every freelancer out there— build your own space but be determined and dynamic!

Daraz’s Empowerment Mission

Daraz has also made huge waves in the empowerment of women in Pakistan. Daraz’s Ibtida program aims to help all women struggling in their lives. They can become registered sellers on Daraz and get these benefits: no commission and free packaging for 90 days, free access to courses at Daraz university, and free insights from the Daraz marketplace!

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