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So-called Indian journalist, news anchor, Arnab Goswami came under intense fire when he made some baseless comments with full confidence. On his show where there were two analysts, one from the Indian side and the other, from Pakistan, as expected, he was on the offensive. Instead of taking a neutral ground to let the educated people talk, he chose to give his two cents only to end up embarrassing himself.

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The situation at hand

What had happened was that in making accusations, Arnab said that Pakistani intelligence was staying at Serena Hotel, Kabul, on the fifth floor. Before the Pakistani analyst could say anything, he told him that the claim was irrefutable because he could even justify what they had for dinner. When you make a claim with so much confidence, you really do not leave anything up for speculation. However, things went sideways when the claim turned out to be not baseless but rather standing on air. As it turns out, Serena Hotel, Kabul does not have more than 2 floors.

To be on fifth, you literally have to be standing on air.

Arnab Goswami Memes

Before Pakistanis could even take the lead, it was the Indian who began trolling the anchor for his ignorant accusation. In terms of an ill-researched interview, he definitely won against Nida Yasir. Let’s take a look at some of the best memes, shall we?

A certain Priya shared the receipt of purchase of traditional Indian food, paneer and dosa. She trolled Arnab saying that this was a legit food bill. It was titled Serena Tiffins. Well, if the fifth floor of Kabul Serena magically appeared in Hyderabad India, then it was surely a legit food bill. Hilariously though, comments showed that people took the joke at face value and believe it to be legit.

Anti-Modi, Indians also took the opportunity to make memes about their Prime Minister with the matter at hand.

Now that, Serena Hotel has gotten the publicity for its 5th floor, they might just start constructing it; you never know.

But hey, one should not look down on ISI. They could definitely be using stealth technology.

Stealth technology or not, Arnab Goswami has misfired. But considering, even his countrymen do not consider him reliable, does his ignorance really make that much difference?

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