Some acts of humanity remind us what we are fighting for. Humans can often go to extreme lengths just for something that seems quite simple. However, what seems simple to one may not be the same for another. In light of that, a recent incident shook Twitter. It can be considered an honest act of humanity. A Pakistani man went viral on Twitter because they decided to return a lost wallet!

As we mentioned, not everyone would think of such an act as a huge one. However, Ghazi Taimoor was not one to believe that. He decided to go to huge lengths to make sure the wallet was reunited with the owner. The owner was a guy named Rahul and we see an entire journey unfold on Twitter. It starts with Ghazi finding the wallet and then the investigation starts!

A Pakistani Man On A Mission

The tweet started with Ghazi finding a wallet on the street. Upon checking, it belonged to a Mr. Rahul. From that point on, Ghazi Taimoor decided to look for this person without any form of contact information. This can be considered as a huge mountain to summit. In this day and age of technology, not having information can be tricky.

Soon enough, the story got so famous that it began trending on social media. There are Indian news channels that started reporting this news. The Twitter family had gone completely insane over how much dedication this man had.

This shows the dedication and honesty of the Pakistani man, it also shows how well humans can unite over something. All it took was a lost wallet for everyone to go asking who lost it!

Finally Finding The Owner

After much running around, the owner was finally found. Even the tweets leading up to the final moment were full of hype.

We have the utmost respect for Ghazi Taimoor and we hope he continues to receive praise from the community. Despite there being a pandemic, it is nice to see pieces of good news every day. Humanity is not hopeless so long as people like him are alive

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