A new Pakistani serial by Hum TV has aired three episodes since the first of Ramadan. Unfortunately, viewers have enjoyed none. Being the third project of Ameer Gilani and Dananeer Mobeen, “Very Filmy” does not seem too promising anymore. What was supposed to be a refreshing romantic comedy is now striking conversations online about how boring and terrible it is.

Very Filmy ‘s Storyline

In the show’s first episode, we see both Dania and Rohan refusing to entertain the thought of even looking at the Instagram profiles of their prospective rishta choices yet the drama seemed highly Gen Z type.

We see Rohan extremely upset over not wanting to marry in Pakistan especially not with a desi girl. He shares his distress with his younger brother, but he’s all about tricking Rohan into giving him money.

On the other hand, we see the story of Rania. She’s shown to be currently staying with her Grandma, who is a fan of music. Rania is curious to know why her parents have separated, and why her father moved to Canada alone.

very filmy

Netizens have now shared how they feel about the show, and it’s not satisfied with it. While most gave constructive criticism on the lack of originality and a poor script, others have just absolutely hated it.

very filmy netizens reactions

It seems the lack of originality has been the biggest concern for the viewers. Despite loving the Bollywood movies Very Filmy was inspired by, Pakistani viewers are clearly looking for something more original and comedic this Ramadan. Another concern prominent from reactions was the “over-acting.” Though fans loved the selected cast for this series! They looked like they were trying way too hard.

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