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Update 7th September 2022: The latest Apple Event has finally happened and now we can all decide which device will be making us broke this year! There are new updates for a watch, the anticipated iPhone 14, and also the new Airpods but here’s the best part: an update about prices! Read all about it here:

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The Biggest Update

The biggest update is that Apple did not raise the price of the new iPhones. This comes as a surprise because it is contrary to what some analysts had predicted. The new iPhones will be available for purchase on Friday. The high-end models for this year, the iPhone 14 Pro, were just unveiled by Apple CEO, Tim Cook, at the annual Apple event.

iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max

The iPhone 14 Pro is the smallest model with a 6.1-inch screen. The larger version will be referred to as the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The smaller model of the iPhone 14 Pro will cost $999, the same as last year. On the other hand, the larger one will cost $1099. On coming Friday, they go up for pre-order and they will ship the following week. So, are you ready to get the latest iPhone?

apple event
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iPhone 14 Plus

Apple has announced two models this time. The iPhone 14 Plus replaces the older “iPhone 13 mini” model with a bigger model with a 6.7-inch screen. The Plus will cost $899. However, while the orders for it open at the same time as the other model, the Plus model won’t ship until October, though.


Apple CEO, Tim Cook, also unveiled a new version of the company’s noise-canceling wireless earbuds, the AirPods Pro. These ones go on sale on September 23 for $249. Not bad! Apple claims that this is because of an Apple H2 chip, an improvement over the H1 chip used in the prior generation.

Do you want to know the new characteristics? They include: a new touch-based volume control.

apple event
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and a longer battery life with a listening time of up to 6 hours. Moreover, they also have an even more minute ear tip with the ability to utilise MagSafe chargers to recharge.

The New Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Ultra, a new high-end watch with a fresh design, larger screen, and titanium shell is coming soon. It was just revealed by Apple and might already have fans. Outdoor athletes are the target market for the product and you will know why! It will go on sale on September 23 for at least $799.

apple event
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It has a redesigned watch face with greater details and a compass. Moreover, it comes with a brand-new orange “action” button for speedy use when exercising or donning gloves. Additionally, it may display how far the user is diving while swimming.

September is about to turn the cover which only means one thing: Apple event is coming up. The tech giant always keeps its launch events in September and this year the case will be no different. The iPhone 14 is awaited excitedly, Airpods Pro 2 are coming, new smart watches and a special edition headphone set.

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What’s Going on?

The day is here. We’re now just hours away from the Apple event. Reports suggest that as always, this event will be the most important keynote event of the year. 

What To Be Excited About?

The highlight of this annual September event will be the iPhone 14 series. There is a lot of anticipation surrounding the release of the new iPhone 14 Plus/Max which is only one of four new versions. Though there isn’t a lot of difference between it and the iPhone 13, a larger model will be welcome. However, you can expect a price increase for the iPhone 14 Pro by Apple by $100.

apple 14 event
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Three New Watches Coming

The Apple September event is also making many people excited because of the new watches. It will feature the introduction of three new watches. Some specs that have been revealed include a new body temperature sensor and a better battery that will be added to the Apple Watch Series 8.

apple 14 event
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Moreover, Apple may be preparing a tough “Pro” version of the current watch. There is a distinct design and premium finish for extreme activities.

The Updated Airpods

Apple is also expected to unveil the updated AirPods Pro 2 during its presentation in September. Sources suggest that the upcoming AirPods Pro model, code-named B698, will include the most recent version of Apple’s unique H1 chip. It will also have a similar design to the current edition. Besides that, there is also the insinuation that the AirPods Pro 2 would be the first to include Bluetooth 5.2 support.

apple 14 event
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The Secret Item

This entire last year the Apple Mixed Reality Headset sales have been rising. It is expected that Apple may use the term “One More Thing” from Steve Jobs during its annual event to hint at the upcoming Mixed Reality headset.

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