iOS 16: All The Features You Need To Know About

ios 16 features
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iOS 16 has made a debut and it’s making people excited. The new software comes with many advanced features and this annual upgrade gets people at the edge of their seats. Will the new iOS entice you enough to get the iPhone 14 or not? iOS 16 comes with a new lock screen with widgets, significant Messages improvements, a shared photo library for families, and other features that are part of the iOS 16 preview. Read all about it here:

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The New Features

Your iPhone will get the new Memoji customizations in iOS 16.

Lockscreen Work

In the new software, the lock screen receives a major upgrade. The typeface, color, and wallpaper for the clock will all be customizable. Moreover, you can rotate pictures and add widgets. The lock screen is enticing to many because of how focused it will be. You can make your own focus modes with it!

ios 16 features
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Messages Upgraded

Besides that, editing and deleting messages will now be possible in Messages. You can collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and more directly from the chat app. This is all made possible due to SharePlay’s integration with Messages.

Apple Pay Making Lives Easier

In addition to that, Apple Pay has also enabled contactless payments at merchant locations with just an iPhone. You will need no further hardware. The new ease in payments has been brought by Apple Pay Later. This enables people to divide a purchase into four interest-free payments spread out over a period of six weeks.

ios 16 features
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iCloud Sharing

If you have always struggled with iCloud sharing know that your difficulty is about to come to an end. Now, people can easily share photos in a different iCloud library with the use of the Shared Photo Library.

When Can We Use This?

The final version of iOS 16 is anticipated along with the release of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. A date has not been released yet. However, many critics and Apple-lovers suggest September is the month to be betting on.

ios 16 features
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As for how to use iOS 16, these updates will be made to existing iPhone models. But here’s the exciting part for new iPhone users, the new iPhone 14 models that will come with this version of the iPhone OS pre-installed.

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