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It seems that Amna Ilyas has a penchant for always being controversial. Could this be an attention-gaining tactic? We may never know. However, the actress is always up to either making questionable videos or making questionable statements. This time, the actress has decided to shame people over something they can not control. Find out what, here!

Latest Interview

In her latest interview, Ilyas appears dressed in yellow. The actress is true to herself as she engages with the host on why she wanted to do theatre— she wanted to challenge herself. We know she is bold, daring, and out-spoken. But does everything work under the banner of being those? Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

In a game of ‘This or That’, the host asked her what does she do when she sees short girls? To that, she replied with “I laugh…”

Now naturally, this won’t sit well with everyone. However, Amna Ilyas made it even better (note our sarcasm) and said, “I’m not a racist but I laugh.” Where did racism come from? A person can not control their height so does this mean that they get subjected to Ilyas’ humor? Not at all!

Criteria For Choosing A Man

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Amna Ilyas then also shared with the public what she looks for in a man. If you guessed it so far, congratulations because it’s obvious. The actress said that she’d choose a tall man even if he was poor but wouldn’t go for a short guy even if he was rich.


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It seems that the actress is the victim of an obsession with height.

Amna Ilyas’ Problematic Self

Recently, the actress was called out by Amina Haq, a senior and renowned model. Haq spoke up against Ilyas on HSY’s show and she chose to respond with class. Amna Ilyas called her “moti” but Aminah Haq was proud of how she looked and not insecure over it. As a result, she did not respond to Ilyas with vengeance but with kindness.


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The actress also recently made a video in which she kicked a young guy’s head while aiming to kick an apple. Even that got her hate because it was promoting unnecessary violence. Now, these comments on laughing at people’s height and discriminating between them are the cherry on top. Will the actress improve herself or is this a never-ending cycle?

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