amazon launch tv
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Amazon has been making headlines continuously for various reasons. Be it because they decided to upgrade Alexa or whether its CEO is going to the moon. Now Amazon has announced a new tech development that is taking the industry by storm. Learn the latest here.

Is Amazon Launching A TV? Inc is apparently planning to launch its very own TV in the United States. The Amazon-branded TV may be in the works until October as a leaked report has revealed.

amazon launch tv
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The launch of the TV has been in the works for two years now. The TV is being made with teams from Amazon Devices and Lab126 so we can be sure that whatever is cooking in the lab is going to be trustworthy. Here’s the best part about The TVs— they will have Alexa! The screen sizes of the Amazon-TV will be “in the range of 55 to 75 inches.” Moreover, it has also been reported that they will be designed and manufactured by third parties such as TCL.

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Is A TV A Great Investment?

Amazon has partnered with several tech companies and sold their TVs on their platform. Now it appears that they have learnt the rules of the trade themself and decided to enter the market. Investing in a TV will no doubt be a huge venture for the company. However, is it really worth it? TVs in this day and age are not only preferred if they are a state-of-the-art creation but their demand is also decreasing.

Why invest in a huge TV worth so many hundred dollars when just a laptop is fine? And then when it comes to families who will for sure get a TV, they have other reliable and trustworthy brands to go for.

amazon launch tv
Image Source: The Verge

What Could Be Next For Amazon?

Amazon has made its name with its AI-support system, the Alexa device. The device has become incredibly popular amongst youngsters and adults alike and they may keep improving it for this reason. Now that a TV has been revealed, it should be fun to imagine what can be next for Amazon.

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Our guesses are on a laptop or a mobile provided that both of these can reign in huge profits. Amazon has always been garnered towards the younger demographic, what better way to bait them?

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