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Abdullah Khattak’s tragic demise has shaken everyone and left millions of people heartbroken. The 21-year-old has helped thousands of people in his life for academic reasons and otherwise and all of them are coming together to share his impact on people. Read about all the things you probably never knew about him!

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His Place of Birth

Khattak was born and raised in Peshawar. This fact about his life is not that known. Even at the time of his death, he was in Peshawar and met a tragic accident there.

His Age

Did you know he is just 21 years of age? Born in 2000, he started vlogging in 2015 and at that point used to just share tidbits about his life. Since then he has amassed thousands of subscribers on his YouTube and hundreds of thousands on his Instagram.

His Love For Bikes

Khattak was also a lover of bikes. He had a heavy bike of his own that he used to love posting about on his social media platform. Many of his followers also know that this was one of his passions in life— he loved to ride!

He Helped People Pass Their Exams

Half a doctor himself now, he helped people pass all different kinds of medical-related tests and exams. In his ‘tagged’ section of Instagram, so many people have written about how he helped them pass their MCAT and even medical send-ups.

What Was He Best Known For?

Abdullah Khattak may be an internet personality but his fame came to him for his academic videos. He used to make short and long videos explaining several factors about academic life. Be it the student life, the rules of the school or even how to get into universities abroad. He himself had gotten into several prestigious universities but he chose to pursue medicine at the Aga Khan University.

His Watch Collection

Another thing that was very distinctive about him and a huge part of his interests was his watch collection! He was a watch hoarder and has a whole highlight series based on the watches that he loved to wear.

He will be remembered by his likes, by the amount of knowledge he distributed and by how many dreams he helped come true.

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