Is it time to upgrade your TV, cell phone, or tablet? Figuring out how to save money on your electronics purchase can get you the upgrade you want without draining your bank account.

Timing your purchase right and researching can help you find what you want at a price you can afford. The best deals come when you have the time to do your homework before purchasing.

Keep reading to learn seven tips to save on electronics.

1. Purchase Off-Season 

Certain times of the year are best for buying electronics. Increased demand for the items results in skyrocketing prices. Hence it is always advised to plan your purchases off-season. For example, air conditioners- buying one during winter will save you more money than getting one in summer.

2. Buy Old Versions

Sure, it’s tempting to buy the latest model, especially for electronics such as cell phones that get updated frequently. But you’ll pay more for the latest models, which sometimes have minor or necessary upgrades. Compare the specs of the two models to see if the newest version is necessary. Buying the older version of the same product can save you a lot of money. The price often drops when a new version is announced or is released.

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3. Wait For The Sale Season

The need for a new electronic gadget might come out of the blue. However, you can always wait a little more to get your hands on the discounted products. Black Friday and New year’s sales are the best times to get electronics at excellent prices.

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4. Market Surveys 

It’s always a good idea to shop with multiple retailers before buying electronics. Look at both local retailers and online retailers to get a good comparison. You’ll quickly get an idea of the average cost when you start looking so you can recognize a good deal when it’s available.

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5. Look For Refurbished Items

Another great option to buy cheap electronic items is to look for refurbished products to save extra bucks. When buying refurbished electronics, purchase from the manufacturer, either directly through the company’s site or through trusted shopping websites. Some retailers sell returned electronics at a discount.

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6. Consider Your Needs

It’s easy to get sucked into all of the bells and whistles on the most expensive electronic options, but the extra features are often unnecessary. You might find the features that sound amazing are things you don’t use that often. Sometimes the more features a device has, the more potential it has for things to go wrong, making it more expensive with repairs or replacements.

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