Ali Sethi has set the internet on fire and not for the reasons you might expect. The hit singer allegedly tied the knot in Pakistan’s first-ever queer wedding last night in New York.

Ali Sethi’s Wedding 

Twitter has gathered all the receipts for the alleged wedding and the singer is being cancelled out on social media. In a recent turn of events, the singer has deactivated his Instagram and Twitter accounts. Twitter is flooded with evidence of a brewing romance between the couple for years.

According to netizens Salman Toor has declared his love for Ali via his portraits and art. Meanwhile, Ali’s sense of style has drastically changed leading to this transition further proving that he Identifies as a queer person.

A detailed video shared by a Twitter user explains the details behind the artist’s queer identity. According to the video explained the singer has written about falling in love ever since he released his first song.

Meanwhile, his queer identity came to the spotlight after he was seen donning an ‘Angrakha’ style shirt – a dress relatively associated with feminine wardrobes.

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Details about Salman Toor and his work are also going through major scrutiny as fans and critics are finding the keyholes hidden within his paintings portraying his love for the singer.

Twitter threads and trends have already started as fans are canceling out the Pasoori singer. According to netizens such actions must be taken seriously and people and celebrities engaging in certain things must not be allowed to live in the country.

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While details about the wedding are still not clear. Given the sensitivity of the situation, it is highly likely that the rumors are true. However, the details will be confirmed only when a source close to the party shares an official statement.

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