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Image Source: Daily Pakistan

Ali Gul Pir is responsible for making us laugh till the cows come home on several occasions. However, the comedian’s life was recently cut short by an online tabloid who wanted to see him dead. The comedian handled the news in his classic way and we have to say, we want to tweet from the dead too. Read more about what happened here:

Ali Gul Pir’s Death Hoax

This picture was circulating on social media which was beyond hilarious. It was trying to create speculation over whether the comedian was still alive or not. The picture reads that very sad news has reached us all, has he died? The question mark after “inteqal” was enough to have us start laughing. Moreover, underneath it says that there is a “matam” going in his home. His loved ones are grief-stricken. 

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What is also incredibly funny is how they have added a picture of a dead body’s (seemingly) feet in a cloth? Honestly, today’s news creators are on another level. There is also a picture of an ambulance. We are very happy to know at least it reached him on time, doesn’t reach anyone else. Have a look at the picture here:

How Did The Comedian Handle It?

Pir handled it in a classic comedian way as always. He saw the picture and took it as an opportunity to add to the joke. He reshared the picture and confirmed his death, “Yes, I am dead.” It’s a strange world we live in where people confirm their own deaths but hey, it’s Ali Gul Pir.

The best part has to be when he says he is “tweeting from the dead”. As dull and dreary life is going on nowadays, it makes sense to say that. More than just saying so, we agree and relate to what he said.

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The Memes Come Through

You already know our meme-making capacity. It’s brilliant. Have a look at all the memes that came as a result of this exchange.

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