akcent coming pakistan
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Akcent is one of the kings of pop music whose hits like “That’s My Name” became global sensations. He’s called the King of Disco Music and we couldn’t agree more. The singer also has a particular liking for Pakistan and his latest tweet about Pakistan is proof of it. Find out what the international music star had to say about our country!

Is Akcent Coming To Pakistan?

The singer is reportedly coming to Pakistan soon and going to, you guessed it right, Hunza! Hunza this year was the hub of all tourist activity and it became a buzzword. Everybody just wanted to go to Hunza! This created a huge tourist market in the northern area which is incredible for the country.

Now, Akcent is the latest person to be venturing out to Hunza for its beauty and sights. Hunza has lakes, has mountain tops and palaces— there can be no better place to spend your holidays.

akcent coming pakistan
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What Did He Say?

Akcent recorded a video saying he will be coming to Pakistan and that he’s very excited to meet Pakistanis again. His tweet is where it’s at especially! The tweet says that he wants to change the narrative surrounding Pakistan. Akcent wants to show everyone that it is a safe and beautiful country and we couldn’t be happier.

akcent coming pakistan
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The singer will be devoting some of his holidays to the northern regions of Pakistan and we can’t wait to see the content.

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Twitter Reactions

Obviously, the Pakistani crowd became rowdy in the comments with excitement. They all were happy to see their icon come to their country. Moreover, it is always exciting to see someone so influential change perceptions of your country. Have a look at the reactions:

What Could This Mean For Pakistan?

Pakistan is recently having some international, foreign personalities come to the country and love what it has to offer. Christian Betzmann, the German YouTuber came although he came for love and also promoted several parts of Pakistan. Rosie Gabrielle came to Pakistan and also fell in love with a Pakistani in the northern regions!

Now, we have Akcent coming to Pakistan. What if he also falls in love with someone? Jokes apart, we’re excited to see how this impacts the inflow of international tourists to Pakistan.

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