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Pakistan is known as one of the most beautiful tourist spots in the world. Whether you are visiting from the far east or the west, Pakistan’s beauty is sure to send you reeling back. The country’s government is now taking an initiative regarding enhancing tourism. Under this, they are set to provide high-speed internet at spots visited frequently by tourists.

While this is an interesting initiative, it may take some time to develop. The area is vast and the ability to reach those places can be difficult. There are many such districts where a gas pipeline has not been a possibility so far; Getting an internet line there can be tricky.

Tourist spots and internet
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Tourism In Pakistan

Communication can be quite a hassle when visiting northern areas of Pakistan. The networks that work swiftly here, work at limited points. It is now common information that there are other networks to use at the north. In Hunza, for example, there is a network known as ‘SCOM’ that is used. It was only provided to the armed forces residing up there but now it’s available to the public too.

That said, even such a lack of services doesn’t stop the tourism industry of Pakistan. Every year, millions of people come to visit. It is considered a cleansing routine to actually visit the areas of Gilgit as well as Naran and Kaghan. Even the regions of Skardu, Fairy meadows are all part of what makes North Pakistan note-worthy.

High-Speed Services for tourists

Due to the huge inflow of tourists every year, the government has decided to take action. Since the internet services in those areas are down, it would make sense to improve those. People want to send snaps, make videos, and go live in these places. They want to make sure that they remember where they were. You cannot stand in front of Hussein Bridge and not take candid shots!

The universal service fund has put forward a proposal regarding this development. This is the reason why the wheels have been set in motion. So far, the tourist spots chosen are Babusar Top, Lake Saif Ul Mulook, and Kumrat Valley. Additionally, places like Mansehra and Swat are set to get fast internet connections too.

Moving Forward

Everything set aside, this is a wonderful step that is going to be taken by the government. After all, a major inflow of revenue towards Pakistan comes from tourism. We wouldn’t want our locals and foreigners to have a bad time up there. Additionally, the places to seek, up there, aren’t any less in number either.

This is quite a huge plan that they have, considering how many people visit. Having high-speed internet can, at least, give the people more room to breathe in. We hope that the development brings in an even larger number of tourists. After all, we cannot keep such treasures entirely hidden. They belong to the Earth and everyone deserves to have a taste of them.

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