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A Canadian vlogger has tied the knot with a Pakistani traveler and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today.

Rose Gabrielle’s Unexpected Trip

Rosie Gabrielle is a Canadian vlogger who sets out for adventures around the globe. She is quite the internet sensation with over 252K followers all of whom have been following the world through her eyes. 


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Gabrielle’s skill set is as vast as they come as she works as a model, is a full-time travel blogger and also has a vlogging channel. As part of one of her travel destinations, she landed in Pakistan and what do you know? She found her soulmate on our soil.


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Written In The Stars

Gabrielle announced her marriage to Adeel Amer one day ago which has left many shocked although once you know about him, you can totally understand. Adeel’s profile on Instagram is called “Adeel on Wheels” and it totally fits him.

Adeel Amer is also a full-time traveller and the first digital travel nomad. But what’s most surprising is his side hustle like a real estate investment consultant.


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As Rosie’s caption shares, the two by chance met while she was visiting Pakistan and clicked immediately.

A Story of Struggle

Rosie Gabrielle’s life as a travel blogger has not been glamorous altogether. She experienced two life-threatening experiences and suffered an injury so serious, she had to be evacuated home. In all of this, the greatest pain she has penned down has been her separation from the lover of her life, Adeel Amer. 

Check out her heart-wrenching caption here:


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Love Is In The Air and So Are Diplomatic Ties!

Recently, TV actress and beautician Zoya Nasir also announced her engagement with a German blogger, Christian Betzmann. This couple’s happy news also broke the internet and made many happy at the unlikely pairing.


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It seems love knows no boundaries and one never truly knows where one’s soulmate can be waiting for them. Both the couples did not have a clue that on one of their many trips they would find the people to spend the rest of their life with. 

Hopefully, this can be a sign for us that the animosity between countries has nothing to do with its people! Here’s wishing Rosie Gabrielle and Adeel Amer and Zoya Nasir and Christian Betzmann a happy and fulfilling life ahead!

Until then, shall we pack our bags and choose a location? Maybe it’s our time to get lucky!

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