airbnb hotels pros cons
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So, hotels or AirBnBs? Since the renowned accommodation rental platform first appeared in the travel industry more than ten years ago, there has been a discussion between Airbnb and hotels. Rightfully so! These two types of lodging are very different from one another and each has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out about them to make our decision!

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The Differences

For travelers on vacation, hotel rooms are typically preferable than Airbnb stays for a number of reasons. However, the decision, ultimately, comes down to personal preference. Even while an Airbnb may be preferable for extended stays, unless there is a high-end property, the apartment rentals frequently lack and luxury conveniences that hotels offer.

airbnb hotels pros cons
Image Source: Adventure Rider

Moreover, because of the local housing crisis that are usually caused by Airbnbs, hotels are the preferred accommodation for socially conscious tourists.

The Pros and Cons of AirBnb

So, what are the advantages and the disadvantages? 

Advantages of Airbnb

  • They are more affordable
  • Better for long-term stays because hotels become unsustainable
  • Unique accommodations that keep reminding you of home
  • Feels comfortable
  • Gives you a feel for the local neighborhood
airbnb hotels pros cons
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Disadvantages of Airbnb

  • All the facilities are not there
  • Have to do the work yourself
  • Mostly secluded
  • Privacy is not always guaranteed

Advantages of Hotels

The Grand Hyatt, PC, and more are the big names that have become established in the hotel industry. They have become this big for a reason— it’s because the luxury that hotels offer can never be matched by something else. Here are the advantages of a hotel:

  • Much safer
  • 24/7 customer service, you don’t have to do anything yourself
  • Usually comes with more amenities, the luxury aspect is pronounced
  • Potential to meet fellow travelers and make friends
  • More convenient
  • Usually, in a central location, you don’t have to spend a lot on fares
  • Overall more luxurious atmosphere, conference rooms and salons nearby
  • Does not take housing options away from locals (let’s be ethical!)
airbnb hotels pros cons
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However, hotels aren’t all that ideal either. There are some problems with them too. These are what you should be careful about:

  • They break the bank
  • A lot of paperwork for everything whereas Airbnb is simply an app
  • They overcharge for the smallest additions or services like laundry or pressing
  • There may be noise

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Which one would you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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