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Ahmed Shah, the latest media sensation and talk of the town has once again taken the social media by storm. However, this time it is for a different reason than his usual cuteness.

Celebrities, journalists, and fans have all started noticing Ahmed Shah’s constant presence at LIVE Ramzan transmissions, and they are not having it.

He has been spotted daily on ARY Digital in Shan e Iftar with Waseem Badami, Jeeto Pakistan with Fahad Mustafa, and also sometimes with Nida Yasir on her morning show.

Journalist and former PTV anchor, Sana Ejaz took to Twitter to express her views on the matter.

It’s time we talked about our entertainment industry using Ahmed Shah as a prop.

Considering that the child star is a minor, and is probably kept at shows for ungodly long hours without his consent, it does seem a little unfair.

People are of the opinion that the child is being exploited by the media for ratings, even at the cost of his health, sleep, and him being away from his family and home.

Professional Pakistani Squash player, Noorena Shams also took to Twitter yesterday to ask Mahira Khan and Shehzad Roy a very important question regarding the child star’s safety.

The athlete’s question was in reference to Shehzad Roy’s latest initiative #ProtectOurChildren, which involves celebrities like Mahira Khan and Zeba Bakhtiyar.

The initiative is aimed at demanding that the government introduce Life Skills Based Education in schools so the children can learn to understand and battle physical abuse.

Twitterverse is protesting how the young child is being exploited for ratings

Earlier, an inappropriate video of Ahmed with self-proclaimed model and TikTok sensation, Hareem Shah got viral.

Child Star Ahmed Shah’s Inappropriate Video With TikTok Celebrity Sparks Uproar!

Many people termed her behavior with the child as harassment, under the light of which these questions make sense.

Some are also saying that it is the child’s parents who are at fault for allowing channels to keep him on set just for the sake of some money. The child is too young to have a will of his own, after all.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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