Ahad & sajal
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Ahad and Sajal have been winning hearts from the very first time they were paired, to be honest. If you are the Sahad fans, you will remember the time Yaqeen Ka Safar aired. Both of them were just flawless in it no matter if we found the drama a copy of Dhoop Kinarey. After that, they appeared in Aangan and then appeared as love interests in Yeh Dil Mera.

Ahad & Sajal – Dhoop Ki Deewar

After they got married, we were not able to see them on screen, together or otherwise. Thankfully, they are returning even if it is for a web series. That said, this is not your run-of-the-mill series. In fact, it will air from the channel the popular series Churails aired, Zee5, so bund to be iconic.

A Zindagi Original series by the name of Dhoop Ki Deewar features Ahad as Vishal from India and Sajal as Sara from Pakistan. The trailer that released today gives you an idea of how the story would proceed. What I gathered from it at least was that the two characters are very patriotic; both of them are army kids and both of their fathers die on the same day in a conflict on the border.

You know it is bound to touch hearts when you see in the very first scenes of the trailer, the parallel between the India-Pakistan cricket match and the India-Pakistan army conflict.

Take a look at the trailer:

Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir have shared the trailer on their Instagram accounts announcing its release to be June 25th. Their chemistry has proved to be iconic in the past as well so one can expect people to be excited. Moreover, the dialogue by Ahad reminds you of the iconic SRK movie, Main Hoon Na. Of course, in that, Bollywood showed that India extends the hand for friendship to end hatred. In this series, however, it is the two enemy kids falling for each other even after knowing that their fathers died at each other’s hands. It is a story about the enemies falling in love and thus, ending hatred.

Questions – Dhoop Ki Dewar

How will they fall in love and aim to deal with the hatred is a story I want to know. And not just that, I want to know how the story will end most of all.

Will marriage be the result of this love? Or will they choose to stay away but have love in their hearts for each other? And will the LoveJihaad concept be discussed in India for this series given that this time it is the Muslim girl in love with a Hindu boy or was that just for the ad featuring a Hindu girl in a Muslim household?

To get answers to all these questions, I guess I will have to wait for June 25th. So let’s mark the calendar for the day when these two will have convinced me of their chemistry even more so because it is clear that in this particular story, the two will have to meet only virtually, and not geographically.

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