Hindu Muslim unity
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India proudly calls itself a secular state where various religions can coexist peacefully. Yet, an Indian Jewellery brand had to remove an ad that promoted Hindu-Muslim unity following major backlash and trolling.

Tanishq Ad

Tanishq wanted to endorse ‘Ekvatam,’ the concept of oneness. And hence, they prepared a script where a Hindu girl married into a Muslim family. It showed the idea that people can live together without having to change their religions. In fact, people celebrate other religions. To be specific, the Muslim family was seen celebrating the godh bharai ritual, apparently not in the Muslim culture.

Executed perfectly, the love between the characters instantly made one like the ad, but some Indians did not see it that way. Instead, they got offended. They believed that the ad promoted the concept of love jihad.

Love Jihad

Love Jihad is basically that Muslim men rope in Hindu women through love and then convince them to convert. Officially, such a concept has been denounced by the Indian government, but the people on the ground still treat it as a reality. The Indians asked why it is that to show ekvatam; the woman has to be Hindu. They asked why an ad cannot have a Muslim bride in a Hindu home.

Image Source: Viral Bake

Kangana Ranaut’s Response 

While the ad itself showed the love between all the household members, Kangana Ranaut, the actress known for being very anti-Pakistan, did not seem very convinced. She took to Twitter that the girl seems very meek and timid, which clearly shows that she fears her Muslim in-laws.

She further added that:

“This advert is wrong on many levels, Hindu bahu is living with the family for a significant amount of time, but acceptance happens only when she is carrying their heir. So, what is she? Just a set of ovaries? This advert does promote not only love-jihad but also sexism #tanishq.”

Supporters of Hindu Muslim Unity

Shashi Tharoor answered all such trolls and boycotters of the ad reminding everyone that it is the country India that promotes Hindu Muslim unity, so if they really want to boycott, they will have to boycott their own country.

That said, it is not unimaginable that Indians reacted this way. If a Pakistani brand were to make a similar ad, would Pakistanis mullah let it go? But then again, Pakistan officially is not a secular state. So for a country proudly calling itself secular should be more accepting of such concepts, no?

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