Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Ali starrer Yaqeen Ka Safar made news for their beautiful chemistry. They brought life to Farhat Ishtiaq’s Dr. Asfandyar and Dr. Zoobia Khalil. Pakistan loved them a lot, so much that the actors were soon spotted in another show. And ultimately, Sajal and Ahad got married.

But let’s come back to the drama itself for a minute. Yaqeen ka Safar was quite popular, and even I loved it a lot. However, last week I decided to watch some old Pakistani dramas one more time. And I started with Dhoop Kinaray. I wanted to see the charming Dr. Ahmer romancing with Dr. Zoya Ali Khan. And guess what I found?

Yaqeen Ka Safar vs. Dhoop Kinaray

I found some crazy similarities between some characters and scenes of Yaqeen Ka Safar and Dhoop Kinaray. Now, we all know that Dhoop Kinaray was a show in 1987, so Yaqeen Ka Safar is the one that came later in the timeline. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out which seems to be a copy of which.

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I mean, just look at Dr. Irfan, the jolly figure who kept the entire hospital staff entertained with timely poetry. He was from Dhoop Kinaray. Now take a look at Dr. Haroon from Yaqeen Ka Safar! Did you see any difference, well, other than Dr. Irfan’s performance being genuinely extraordinary? I mean, the chemistry between him and Anji was great, but so was his chemistry with Dr. Ahmer and Dr. Zoya, and all the other doctors on the staff.

The iconic comparison

Then we have the iconic scene where Dr. Zoya has witnessed victims of bomb blast being brought in. She has treated them, but she also saw fatalities all around her. And that’s when she loses it and starts crying. Dr. Ahmer arrives and lovingly consoles and scolds her.

Now, let’s have a look at Yaqeen Ka Safar. Dr. Zoobia loses a patient, and Dr. Asfandyar has to come and console her and tell her that she, as a doctor has to continue working while going through what she is going through.

It seemed like a copy, in fact, a sad replica of the scene from Dhoop Kinaray, to me at least.

The character arches were utterly different. And so was the back story. So I am not saying that Farhat Ishtiaq copied it all. All I am saying is that she should have put in more effort to come up with character personalities.

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