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Refusing to write ‘Merry Christmas’ on cakes is a new trend in the making and following the footsteps of Delizia, next in line is Auntie Munaver’s bakery who straight up refused to write Merry Christmas on a cake.

Who Is Aunty Munaver?

Auntie Munaver’s Food & Dessert are quite famous in Pakistan especially in Karachi and they also send their products to UAE and Saudi Arabia. Their cakes and other stuff are really yummy and the ingredients are always fresh. Prices are on the high side, but they don’t compromise on quality.

Even though everything Auntie Munaver touches turns to gold (and streams of saliva in your mouth), the 3-milk cake is her crown jewel. The three milk chocolate cake by Auntie Munaver is the stuff of legends now, the centerpiece to every birthday party.

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What Actually Happened? 

A user posted a complaint on Karachi’s biggest food group after the staff of Auntie Munaver’s refused to write the greeting ‘Merry Christmas’ on the cake. Furthermore, they insisted the customer reach out to the officials of the bakery.

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However, this was not on a single account. The bakery insists on refusing the different customer’s request in lieu of accomodating them. Another customer shared their experience with the bakery and needless to say that Auntie Munaver’s bakery might loose loyal customers for good.

Twitter’s Viewpoint 

While the religious sentiments have been touched upon, it’s not quite easy to point out the right thing to do. Meanwhile, many have shared their viewpoint and thoughts on social media.


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The majority gave reasons as to why this thing is not acceptable in Islam. Others simply couldn’t understand the reason for doing so.

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