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It has been over two decades since the singer Adnan Sami Khan moved to India, and became an Indian for the sake of his singing career.

Lately, the singer has been facing major backlash after he lauded the Indian Air Force and trolled Pakistanis through his social media accounts.

His tweets created a major uproar, one that lasted for a long time.

Imran Abbas Schools Adnan Sami for Trolling Pakistan

However, now it seems like Adnan Sami has taken a U-turn from his views that glorified war and has extended an olive branch to restore peace between two countries.

This weekend, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan took to his Twitter and share the message he received from Narendra Modi on 23rd March.

He shared:

Received msg from PM Modi: “I extend my greetings & best wishes to the people of Pakistan on the National Day of Pakistan. It is time that ppl of Sub-continent work together for a democratic, peaceful, progressive & prosperous region, in an atmosphere free of terror and violence”

The tweet was shared by Adnan Sami Khan and he responded to promote Indo-Pak peace.

May Peace, Love & Brotherhood Prevail!👍💖🤗.

Last month, Adnan Sami was trolled on the Internet when he said that Pakistanis has an Ostrich mentality.

His tweet created an uproar on social media in which he lauded the Indian Air Force for violating the Pakistani airspace near Muzaffarabad.

Have a look at his tweets: 

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