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The Janaan actress Armeena Rana Khan held an #AskArmeena session on Twitter and with her candid answers, she proved that she is one of the most adorable people we know.

During this fun Q&A session, what we loved the most was the way she sent love to her fiancé Fesl Reza-Khan.

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One of her fans asked her views on the memes going rounds about Adnan Sami to which she replied:

Hey guys, listen, I think it was funny the first few times but now it’s just turning into bullying. I disagree with the way he’s conducting himself. But let’s be classy about our “ex” relationships, move on and find causes that are worth our energies. Love to you.

One of her followers asked:

Since you’ve lived in both places, which do you like better, England or Canada? #AskArmeena

To which she replied:

Home is where the heart is and my heart is in Manchester with him > @frk1

Armeena Khan always expresses her love and gratitude to her better half and their sweet exchange of tweets always give us some major goals.

Check out what Armeena’s fiance replied to one of her lovable tweets!

They have proven that they are having their best time of life and their tweets are enough proof of it.

Another fan asked her that what she does except acting to which she revealed that she into property investment in the U.K.

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