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Adnan Sami Khan has lately been in the spotlight in terms of Indo-Pak tensions.

The singer’s take on the entire matter, his support towards India and harsh stance towards Pakistan has raised quite a few eyebrows.

So much so, trolls kickstarted a Twitter trend of labeling Adnan Sami as an agent who, in reality, is a spy in India.

Imran Abbas Schools Adnan Sami for Trolling Pakistan

Khan is the son of the late Pakistan Airforce pilot, Arshad Sami Khan. He was a highly esteemed pilot and was also awarded Sitara-e-Jurat.

Talking to Hindustan Times, Adnan Sami opened up about his father and sentiments from his friends in Pakistan in regards to the heated situation.

Yet again, Sami didn’t shy away from giving a harsh stance about Pakistanis.

It shows their desperation. Because what they’re trying to desperately do is create a narrative which they feel has been shaken by the events that have taken place recently.

He added that Pakistanis find it an attack on their ego when he praises Indian airforce.

obviously they find it very, like you said, the son of a person who used to be in the PAF, openly praising the IAF, is an attack on their ego.

Speaking particularly about his father, Adnan stated that he has his father’s blessings and his friends and family in Pakistan are aware of it.

They know that my father and I were each other’s other self if you know what I mean. My father knew me better than I knew myself. So they know that the last thing they can ever do is presume what my father would think vis-a-vis me.

They know that my father gave me his blessings and the matter finishes there. And they also know that I would never do anything without my father’s blessings, or anything which would make my father cringe.

Khan also stated that with ‘Pathan blood’ in his veins, he will remain staunch on his words and remain loyal to India.

So, therefore, today, I have my oath to India to honor. This is a very important thing in our blood that we honor our zabaan, our oath

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