Abrar ul Haq’s Latest ‘Baby Shark’ Inspired Song Is Out And Netizens Are Not Happy
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A few months ago, Abrar ul Haq gave his two cents about Baby Shark and how it has taken the world by a storm. That wasn’t the only thing he had to say since he took a dig at young mothers by giving a controversial statement. His statement sparked an online debate, to say the least.

When we were kids, our mothers chose to recite the Kalima while holding us to their embrace, today mothers play Baby Shark and hand their cellphones over to their kids,” The singer stated.

Abrar Ul Haq’s Latest Offering To The Music Industry

The veteran singer has come out with a new release and the name is Begum Shak Karti hai. Ironically, the song follows the tune of the hit, Baby Shark. Whether this was an attempt to release a new hit or to re-direct the criticism he received on his infamous statement, the result is definitely not good. The song features Saba Qamar in a character who would do anything to catch her husband in the act. The music video proceeds through different scenes where the wife is trying to find out whether her husband is being unfaithful to her or not. Only to her surprise, the husband was planning a surprise birthday party for her.

The song is wrong on so many levels, to begin with. Accusing women and generalizing them as ‘Shakki’ is a tale as old as time. And if that was not enough, he took to his Twitter account to share the latest release with a distasteful caption.

“Dedicated to all those who are too much married…Yaani “Run Mureed”.

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Netizens React 

Netizens weren’t happy with the caption and nor with the portrayal of married women in the music video. They called out both the singer and the actress on social media for their backward thinking and the outdated nature of the comedy.

Let’s take a look at some of the things people are sharing on Twitter.

There is no denying that Abrar ul Haq blessed the Pakistani music industry with some of the catchiest tunes and music videos. Hence, it is only arbitrary that his fans would also have something to say.

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Someone made sure to point out the hypocrisy of our media industry in light of the notice issued by PEMRA over the ban of hugging, intimate, and private scenes.

Listen to the cringe beat yourself below.

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