airline ticket prices in pakistan

Not too long ago we were all busy discussing the budget and protesting against the taxes it imposed, especially on the salaried class.

From the most basic necessities like bread, milk, and fuel to luxuries like cheese and cars, the taxes peaked. However, after some time we found newer issues to complain about and moved on from the budget.

Recently, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced to increase the embarkation fee and airport charges from November 1st, 2019.

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Moreover, following the new aviation policy, the aeronautical charges for international flights have also been increased by 10 percent. Similarly, the CAA has also increased the landing charges during peak hours by 25 percent.

The aviation authority will charge a sum of 2,800 PKR in the name of ‘airport charges’ from passengers traveling abroad, while foreign nationals will be required to pay the same in dollars.

Previously, the charges varied depending on which airports of the country you were at. However, under the new rule, all national airports will apply the same charges on passengers.

The new charges will be applicable to all passengers from November 1st, 2019 regardless of advanced bookings.

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