Thomas Cook

British Travel firm Thomas Cook has declared bankruptcy.

All planes have been grounded leaving approximately 20,000 employees at risk of employment and about 600,000 tourists stranded who are now looking for other methods to go home.

UK Civil Aviation Authority has said that it will work with the government to bring 150,000 British travelers back home.

Thomas Cook had collapsed after last-minute negotiations aimed at saving the 178-year-old firm failed.

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Source: BBC News

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Peter Fankhauser, Thomas Cook’s chief executive, said the firm’s collapse was a “matter of profound regret”.

Thomas Cook

Authorities hope to get at least 14,000 of them home on chartered flights.

Meanwhile, some operators including easyJet and Virgin have supplied some aircraft to help those stranded as far as Malaysia.

The government has chartered 45 jets and they will fly 64 routes on Monday. Customers will be on special free flights or booked on to another scheduled airline at no extra cost.

The CAA is also contacting hotels accommodating Thomas Cook customers, who have booked as part of a package. The cost of their accommodation will be bared by the government.

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