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While the metaverse, bitcoin, and NFT are all the rage, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is for you. Until and unless you understand what is about, these terms certainly are not to be played around with. And if you plan to dive into the world extensive research is needed. However, a Pakistani brand didn’t seem to understand the market behind metaverse as they name their latest collection.

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Bareeze Man’s Latest Campaign 

Bareeze has launched its spring/summer ready-to-wear collection 2022. The line features kurta in the perfectly curated color palatte with modern silhouettes. However, the campaign’s design and name seem very irrelevant and do not even begin to make sense.

The collection is launched under the name ‘Metaverse Ready.’ While the metaverse is a buzz word it doesn’t mean it sits well with everything.

Brands like Gucci, Nike, and Adidas have hopped on the trend to open their outlets in the metaverse. It is uncommon for a Pakistani brand to do the same but if Bareeze is moving in the same direction then they better hurry. However, if this is just an attempt to create a viral marketing campaign then they sure have succeeded.

Take a look at the Instagram post below.

How Are People Reacting To The Post

Netizens have been wondering if Bareeze knows what metaverse means which is quite impossible. At the same time, comments are pouring in that how the brand is just being plain stupid in the name of creativity.

“It is simply a copy put together to seem relevant with no contextual understanding. Either that or it is just a very vague way of launching a collection called metaverse.” One user wrote.

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“He’s ready for the metaverse. It’s very clear.” Another wrote.

Here are some reactions to the post.

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The 3D virtual world has caused quite a stir on social media. However, even the people who talk about it almost don’t even understand the concept clearly. It isn’t just a fancy term used for clout, it is a whole new world and the ones who understand it only can benefit from it the most.

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