Monsoon is upon us and with the rainy season, the situation of Karachi’s infrastructure has everyone worried.

The Backstory

The torrential rains over the years have wreaked havoc on the infrastructure of Karachi city. Previously, record rainfalls in 2020 and 2022 left the city drowning. One of the highly acclaimed and posh areas of the city, was in shambles after urban flooding destroyed almost everything.

While people were left stranded in their homes with no food and electricity, the damage to properties and houses became inevitable all because the drainage system of DHA and the city wasn’t good enough to handle such a huge amount of rain. Previously monsoon had also harmed a number of the city’s important roadways and about 35 of Karachi Water & Sewerage Board’s sewerage lines.

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What Now?

While most of the city is now dug up in an attempt to revamp the city’s infrastructure, DHA on the other hand is underway of construction for the drainage system. The ‘DHA Storm Water Project’ has left the entire area upside down with most of the roads being dug up for renovation of drainage systems.

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While previously, Karachi has been drowning due to poor infrastructure, this time people are wondering whether the authorities will be able to finish the construction on time or whether will Karachi flood once again.

Here’s the current situation of Karachi 

Huge sand mountains lined up on the sides of the roads and open potholes are a recipe for disaster in rain. Not to mention that these open potholes often lead to accidents during the monsoon season. Previously, many accounts of people drowning due to these potholes have happened in the past which can bring a certain degree of anxiety for pedestrians.

While Biparjoy spared Karachi and minimal to no rainfall was seen. The monsoon season still poses a major threat to Karachi’s condition. Meanwhile, significantly increasing the manpower to finish up the work before the season hit can only spare us from disaster this time around.

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Knowing how bad the road situation gets in Karachi, why didn’t the authorities take any action? Why were the dug up roads ignored all this while?

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