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April Fool’s Day might come around every year, but the campaigns and promotional products get a massive upgrade. Of course, figuratively! These campaigns sometimes become the talk of the town and gain needed buzz for an extra push for the marketing strategy. Brands are trying to execute lighthearted pranks for their customers, and each year the companies participate in them for confusing reasons.

This year too, different brands worldwide have come up with creative ideas to connect with the customers in a fun way.

Take a look at some of the marketing campaigns which have become the talk of the town this April Fool’s Day.

1. Meiji Singapore

Getting the actual number of sticks and an adequate amount of chocolate in the cup is the real deal. However, Meiji is playing with its customers to pull out the most brutal prank by offering only sticks and dip in a single cup encouraging you to buy another one.

2. Nasty Cookie 

A visual illusion treat from the nasty cookie will make you take a second look at their April Fool’s launch product. Last week, the Singapore cookie brand announced its new Cookie Fries as part of an April Fool’s special. Mentioning the “fries that will never turn soggy”, the brand clarified how it’s a twist on a new product.

3. Irvins Singapore

Have you ever liked the food so much that you wanted to rub it on your skin? That would stand true for chocolate but indeed not cheese! Irvins has shared a new invigorating “salted cheese body scrub” to give you buttery soft skin. The product can be consumed and can be used for your skin which sure is enticing.

4. Lay’s Pakistan 

Ever felt confused about choosing the right snack? Then look no further because Lay’s has just the product for you. An all-new Jalebi flavor of lays will wow your worries about whether to have Jalebi or lays for your evening tea?

5. Burger King Taiwan

Burger kind is taking the love for innovation and strawberries to the next level as it introduces a strawberry beef burger as an April Fool’s special. The loaded strawberry burger contains two grilled beef patties, cheese and strawberry sauce.

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6. 4FINGERS Malaysia

4FINGERS Malaysia is taking it up a notch this year by having a restaurant inside a chicken farm for April Fool’s Day.

“We wanted to ‘Keep it real. Real good.’ as our food is prepared only upon order, using fresh chicken and fresh ingredients that are hand-brushed to crispy perfection,” said Belinda Ho, 4FINGERS Malaysia’s head of marketing. With this campaign, the brand hopes to have consumers view 4FINGERS as a brand that serves only the freshest.

7. IKEA Hong Kong

IKEA used the NFT to launch a marketing campaign for April Fool’s Day. The company has launched an NFT project titled “Non-Furniture ​​Treasure”.

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In a Facebook post that contains 99 photos, the company said: “The 99 pieces of IKEA NFT* (Non-Furniture Treasure) – the treasure (aka trash) left behind at the IKEA stores by customers. And now, they are open for purchase.”

8. Shake Shack

Shake Shack has launched a limited-edition “Fry-Day Burger” in light of April Fool’s falling on a Friday this year. The prank was mistaken as an actual product available on Fridays. However, the company clarified the confusion at hand.

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