Vacation: that magical time in your life when you get to be away from all the daily stress and troubles. Unless of course, you are travelling with kids. Whether they are your own, or a sibling’s, travelling with kids is not easy. You need bucket loads of patience, maybe some anti-anxiety meds and prayer beads to help you survive the trip. If you are a parent, you have no choice. If you are an innocent person who has been trapped into travelling with a family with kids, we salute you.

No matter which category you fall into, we feel your pain. Therefore we have dedicated this article solely to you. Here are 7 thoughts that everyone travelling with kids has before the vacation even begins.

1) We are forgetting something

Yes, you will have this thought every second for every day that you are on vacation. Even before and after it. You can make hundreds of checklists, tick off every item on it and you still can’t get rid of this feeling.

2) Have we packed enough for the kids?

The answer is yes. Yes, you have. However you might be carrying everything the children need and once you’re at your holiday destination, one of the kids will suddenly realize they can no longer sleep without that one toy you didn’t bring along.

3) Can we just leave them here?

Stop feeling guilty. You are not the only one. Everyone travelling with kids has this thought ten times a minute. It can be when the children are running around in their underwear with too much sugar in their system. Or when they very loudly ask you why you’re eating less than you usually do, in public. The answer to this thought is no, you cannot.

4) Will the vacation be kid friendly?

Let’s be honest. The entire holiday will revolve around the kids having a good time. Because if they don’t they will make sure no one else does either.

5) Can I get 5 minutes by myself?

By now you have no way of knowing if you will get to relax on this holiday. You have lowered your expectations and now will just settle for 5 minutes by yourself. Unfortunately, that is very unlikely to happen.


6) How close is the bathroom?

No matter how many pit stops you make, you will still keep on wondering how close the nearest bathroom will be in case your child needs to use one.

7) Can I behave like them?

While on the outside you will be extremely embarrassed, on the inside you will wish if you could behave like them for once, without any cares in the world.

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