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Climate change is no longer a far-off idea that one can limit to just science journals. It’s horrifyingly real and its effects will soon change the way we see the world. While we can easily criticise governments for not doing their best to slow down the process, we also need to start taking responsibility. Here are all the changes you can make in your life to mitigate the climate change process.

1. Shift To Biodegradable Materials

Using plastic is a big no of course. Plastic doesn’t decompose and litter the seas and grounds, acting as an obstacle to the normal cycles of decomposition. Shift to paper products or those types of materials that are biodegradable.

brands fight climate change
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2. Invest In Solar Energy

Investing in solar energy may seem difficult but it’s worth it in the long run. Renewable energy is the future and the earlier we shift to them the better it can be. 

3. Stop Using Toxic Chemicals

One of the best examples of toxic chemicals that are a huge part of brands’ life? Spray paints! Ditch them now because they contain CFCs that contain CO2 and result in more heat being trapped. Opt for alternatives to let your artist out.

brands fight climate change
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4. Buy Better Bulbs

Many bulbs used by brands are the cheapest options available and that is understandable provided how many they need. However, using better bulbs that don’t contribute to the degradation of the environment is important!

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5. Reduce Water Waste

brands fight climate change
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Make sure you don’t let taps run irresponsibly while your factories work! Wasting water will make us run out of water supplies and make us rely on saltwater, purified, which will trigger other harmful processes. The result? The climate change process will speed up.

6. Reduce Consumption of Meat

Reducing consumption of meat is important because the more beef burgers you have, the more ground is required for their grazing. Cows are huge sources of methane gas in the atmosphere which adds to the climate change process’ pace. Creating campaigns that make people aware of this would be of immense value!

7. Plant Trees

brands fight climate change
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The best thing we can do is plant a tree wherever we can. Encouraging this habit in the corporate sector will make give us a better future. Plant more trees on your site and encourage fellow brands to do the same!

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