Even if you are only a skincare/makeup enthusiast in the slightest, you will know that Korean Beauty products are all the rage right now. Koreans are known for their age-defying beauty; you can never guess the age of Korean people just by looking at them. And now these beautiful creatures are ready to share their secret with the world.

We have all heard the story of a woman who went to Korea for a plastic surgery and wasn’t allowed back into her home country cause she looked nothing like her passport picture. While that may or may not be true, Koreans are sitting on a gold mine of products, techniques that help them look their best, no matter their age.

We did a bit of research and found these following products have gathered quite a bit of a reputation. Even A-list Hollywood celebrities like Emma Stone, Jessica Alba and Drew Barrymore swear by some of the products.

Lip Mask

Our lips, after our ears, are the most ignored part of our face. We rarely take care of them. The truth, however, is that they need our attention even more. The thin layer of the lips is very susceptible to temperature change. They can get very easily chapped. This is where Lip masks come into play. If taken care of properly, lips are probably the best feature of most people. (Think Angelina Jolie if she used this product). The lip masks have hydrating and soothing properties, that smoothen out chapped lips and make them plumper. Emma Stone is a fan too. You can try the lip masks by Tony Moly.

Beauty Sheet Masks

If there existed a miracle product that could rewind the effects of aging from your skin, without being messy, this is it. While we Pakistanis have our versions of desi totkas, the mess the make is difficult to manage. The prepared mask sheets are pack with nutrients and extracts that help tighten and brighten skin as well as reverse the signs of aging.

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On the plus side, these sheet masks also have a printed variety which have the same beneficial properties while adding a bit of humor to your beauty routine too!

Snail Repair Anti-Aging Cream

Yes, as the name suggest, this product has snail extracts. Owing to the fact that snails have miraculous regenerating properties, these extracts help do the same when applied to your skin. Said to help remove acne marks, wrinkles and scars, this product is a must for all those who wish to have a flawless skin (that’s all of us).

Hair Therapy Moisturizing Cream

Love long hair but dread split ends? This moisturizing hair therapy cream works wonders for hair that has split ends. Apply on damp hair for 15 minutes and let the magic unfold.

Under Eye Balm

The under eye balm by Tony Moly is made with nourishing bamboo, seawater, and ingredients. It helps remove fine lines and wrinkles and actively works against dark circles.

Carbonated Bubble Mask

The Carbonated Bubble mask is perhaps one of the best Korean beauty products. This mask is different than any other you have used before! After applying, it fizzes and bubbles up taking impurities with it. You can wash it off after five minutes.

Hell Pore Clean Up Peel off mask

No pain, no gain. While it will take a little effort on your part to peel this mask off your face, it will worth it. Apply generously over your face and watch as all the blackheads, white heads and sebum are pulled out of your face. Watch this little video below and see it in action. Warning, it is not for the faint-hearted.

Tried out any other Korean beauty products we should know about? Let us know in the comments below.