ghostwire and upcoming xbox games 2022
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Gaming has become one of the best activities one can do in their free time. Many people have opted to go for this as a career move as well. You can see quite a lot of players in the professional area, rather than playing for leisure. Maybe all you wish to do is turn on your console or PC, after coming home after a long day, and just finish that story mode. Apart from that, multiplayer games have become more common than before. Xbox is set to release quite a few titles in the upcoming year.

While there are many to yet be released in 2021, we are highly anticipating 2022 and the following games,

starfield and other xbox upcoming games 2022
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1. GhostWire: Tokyo

While the first trailer of the game came out in 2019, a lot of hype has surrounded this game since then. Xbox is one of the platforms where we are going to see this game in early 2022. However, the plot is not yet known, but we know it could be set in a dystopian era. The trailer shows quite a lot of promise.

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2. Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga

There have been a lot of games that have been based inside the lego-verse. Even if we look at the previous lego star wars games, all of them have held true to the franchise. From the original trilogy to the newer ones, the games have it all. In 2022, we are about to see the last three films come to life in lego form, on Xbox.

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3. Starfield

This is yet another game, with intense graphics, that is anticipated for 2022. Its trailer was shown in this year’s E3 event and it has gathered a lot of hype. Apparently, the game has a sci-fi thriller theme with mystery elements that surround it. We ask you to await this beautiful game as well!

4. Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle

Daymare is a series that does resemble the resident evil universe but it has its own story, gameplay and mechanics. The first part of the game, Daymare: 1998 came out in 2019 and has gathered quite a cult following. We are anticipating the next entry in the series as we dive into the horror domain.

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5. Gotham Knights

The latest entry in the Arkham franchise, Gotham knights is a highly anticipated game. Instead of the mantle of the bat, the players get to experience the full length of Gotham through the whole bat family. From Batgirl to Redhood, the levels are intense and full of fun! The gameplay looks quite brilliant. Plus, we get to see what became of Bruce Wayne!

6. Hogwarts Legacy

It is about time that we get a game for the Harry Potter universe. The writer of this article has not seen a worthy Harry Potter game since the ones on Playstation 2. However, releasing on Xbox as well, this game is sure to change that fact. It is going to bring the franchise to the gaming world again!

7. The Lord Of The Rings – Gollum

It has been many years since the franchise ended. Even the Hobbit series came to a close many years ago. Now, it is time for us to relive the era of Gollum, the ring bearer. This game will have fans running to the store, screaming ‘My Precious’ as it releases on the Xbox in 2022.

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