Dead Space and other horror games
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The world of gaming is a lot more immersive than we give it credit. If you are an avid gamer, then you are aware of the depth of the storylines. Whether it is talking about narrative-driven ones or multiplayer ones, you can get lost in them for hours. Games that can capture the complete essence of immersion are often mostly horror games.

In the spirit of the Eid holiday upon us, let us take a trip down memory lane. If you are free and bored this weekend, maybe you can check out some of these nostalgic horror games. They are worth every minute of play and keep you occupied for hours on end. Let us dive into them.

1. Dead Space

This is one of the most engaging horror games of all time. It follows a spaceship systems engineer who is sent to investigate, along with a team, what had happened abroad on another ship. The USG Ishimura, as the name of the ship goes, seemingly lost radio contact and went completely dark. The game is worth playing and you can check out the gameplay here.

2. F.E.A.R:

This is yet another game in this genre. It came out back in 2005 and was regarded as one of the best of that year. It is a first-person horror game with survival elements. Yes, you have to make sure you get out of the whole story alive. The story is quite interesting and engaging. Do check out this game and its sequels.

3. S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow Of Chernobyl

If you wish to see a horror game set after the events of Chernobyl, this is the very game you want to play. It not only puts you in the setting itself but pits you against mutants who are now living in that region. They are sure to stalk you as you make your way through the area. The game has many horror elements and is worth your playtime. Check out the sequels too!

4. Resident Evil 4

This is the fourth sequel in a long-running series. It first came out as an over-the-top perspective style game. The story of this one revolves around our protagonist contracted with saving the president’s daughter. Our hero, Leon Kennedy, must make it through hordes of monsters, cult members and sea creatures to finish till the end.

5. Half-Life:

One cannot mention nostalgic horror games without the game of the century being there. Yes, Half-Life is one of the best games out there, in terms of story as well as gameplay. Additionally, it has one of the best weapon systems that one could have asked for.

6. Half-Life 2

The writer of this article personally finds the sequel even better than the original. It focuses on an entirely fresh storyline, albeit with the same protagonist, Gordon Freeman. This time, the story is a more open world and has more supernatural elements to it. Check out both of these games if you want to play nostalgic premium horror.

7. Silent Hill 2:

This can be considered as a counterpart to Resident Evil but with more supernatural elements. Stuck in the eerie town of Silent hill, you must now solve their mystery and navigate through a plethora of horror elements. It is one of the best games out there, with iconic figures such as ‘Pyramid head’

8. Doom 3:

This is yet another entry in the horror game franchise. It occurs on a settlement on Mars and something has leaked. The leak has caused a lot of the population to turn into murderous, ravenous killers. You, as a visitor to Mars, must now navigate and set things right, or die trying!

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