healthy chocolate desserts
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Some of us here have a sweet tooth and find life difficult and dysfunctional when we don’t get chocolate. How are we supposed to stay healthy? Plus, dark chocolate is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, there are some dessert recipes with chocolate in town that are incredibly healthy and can fool you when it comes to taste. Have a look:

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1. Black Bean Brownies

Because there is no flour or egg in these brownies, the beans offer the necessary texture to make this rich and tasty dessert. However, the completed product lacks any flavor of the beans. Beans are a pantry need, particularly for vegans making this a very healthy chocolate brownie alternative.

healthy chocolate desserts
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2. Healthy Chocolate Pudding

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A chocolate pudding that’s healthy! Although it only contains Greek yogurt, dark cocoa powder, and maple syrup, it tastes exactly like dark chocolate pudding. Yogurt’s probiotics and protein are combined with your craving for chocolate. Even better, it just takes two minutes to complete.

3. Banana and Chocolate Nibbles

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Bananas covered in chocolate! Magic is created when a crisp dark chocolate coating surrounds an iced banana. Making tiny banana nibbles wrapped in chocolate is something new for us. Every time a chocolate craving strikes, you always have a nutritious treat in the freezer.

4. Chocolate Zucchini Cake

healthy chocolate desserts
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His recipe for chocolate zucchini cake turns out incredibly decadent and chocolaty! With almond butter, maple syrup, and zucchini as the main ingredients, it’s a creative way to consume real, whole foods in dessert form! It is really juicy because of the zucchini and is just the right amount of sweet. Additionally, it is free of dairy and gluten.

5. Chocolate Bark

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To create a tasty, nutritious dessert, this chocolate bark recipe combines dark chocolate with pistachios, coconut, and dried cranberries. It is tasty and packed with whole foods. Grab a small slice for a nice snack.

6. No-bake Chocolate Cookies

healthy chocolate desserts
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It turns out that tahini is ideal for producing peanut butter-free chocolate no bake cookies. These little ones have a rich, dark chocolate flavour, are pleasantly chewy, and are maple syrup-sweetened.

7. Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies

healthy chocolate desserts
Image Source: A Couple Cooks

The best cookies are No Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies! Rich in chocolate taste and loaded with dark chocolate peanut butter flavor, these are just the right amount of sweetened with sugar and maple syrup. They have a gorgeous shiny feel.

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Drooling yet? Which of these healthy chocolate treats would you like to try first? Comment below.

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