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As the wedding season creeps up on us, the usual dilemma strikes us once again. What to wear? Which will be warm but also stylish? Instead of scratching your head this time, read this guide to put together the most covetable outfits yet. Warning: they might get you on the radar of rishta aunties!

1. Velvet Fever

Velvet isn’t called the fabric of the winter season for no reason! It’s incredibly warm and gives you an expensive look in very less bucks (depending on the quality you’re going for). Make a kaftan out of velvet and either go for a worked belt or have some work done on the neck and sleeves— killer outfit on your hands!


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2. Plain Outfit, Statement Shawl

Though many of us may not have statement shawls just yet, our mothers and grandmothers definitely do. And there’s nothing chicer than an heirloom! Make a plain monotone outfit either in raw silk or again velvet and pair it with an embroidered, bright statement shawl. Simple and sheer elegance.

winter wardrobe wedding styles
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3. Sarees Forever

Sarees are a great option if your fabric choice is smart. Why? Because they cover you all around! Opt for a banarsi saree because it’s slightly thicker. Another option is to make a saree with pants look— this way you’ll have two layers on your legs and a super-smart look to make you stand out!

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winter wardrobe wedding styles
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4. Longer Shirts

To stay warm, one of the best techniques is to opt for looser, longer fits. Think a long, loose kameez made out of jacquard with plain cigarette pants. It’s going to look uber fancy but also allows you to layer underneath. Simply add jewels on top, you’re more than good to go.


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5. Lehenga Choli With A Twist

Lehenga choli is a must-have outfit in all seasons and if there’s a mehndi, chances are you’re not allowed to wear anything but this. In that case, opt for a lehenga choli wither with a long jacket on top or go for this look.

This is a peplum jacket on top of a tiered lehenga— you can definitely layer under this and will stand out for sure!

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