Ever heard of the phrase, “There is no such thing as bad publicity”. Well, that remains true until an advertisement placement for your brand goes horribly wrong. Placements can fail on billboards, print media or on social media.

With a trend of programmatic advertising online, specific demographics of people are targeted. The ads are not added to any particular articles, locations or content. Therefore, advertisers are not aware of where the ad would be placed.
This can turn out to be disastrous, or just funny. There’s no going back when Turkish Airlines placed an ad on a downwards escalator that made it look like the plane was about to crash. Other examples include Trump’s ads next to pro-Isis videos, to beer ads next to stories about drunk driving.

We compiled some of the funniest or most unfortunate ad placements that have taken place over the years:

1. This Commit to be Fit is placed right next to Mini donuts. Oh the Irony!

2. This hilarious fail will make you LOL!

3. Heart Problems next to what causes them!

4. Mc Donald’s Dollar Menu’s arrow points right at Diabetes.

5. This Bible Camp’s ad Invites you to join the cemetary. I guess we’ll pass!

6. Aflac’s ad definitely seems to be perfectly placed on this Anatidaepdhobia page!

7. ‘Oops’ the hair-care brand made a boo-boo with this magazine placement next to a sensitive article!

Which advertisement placement did you think was the worst one ever? Let us know in the comments below.

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