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In today’s age, the discussion on feminism can very easily become counter-productive. With the rise of the cancel culture, men and women alike simply become discreet with their problematic habits rather than fixing them. However, if people aren’t told the right way to do things, change is more than what we can expect. So, here’s how we can play a small part in making spaces more women-friendly:

1. Don’t Walk Behind Them

In public spaces or even inside institutions, if there aren’t a lot of people nearby you need to think about where you walk. Chances are if you’re walking behind a woman, she will feel afraid and anxious. Either slow down your pace or fasten it up to get ahead of them!

men do women feel safer
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2. Don’t Be Silent

If women are voicing their unfortunate experiences or simply sharing an incident where they have been disadvantaged because of their gender, speak up! Many times men become silent thinking this is not their place to speak. However, if you don’t speak, you won’t learn and they won’t feel safer!

men do women feel safer
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3. Keep Your Distance

Women in public spaces can generally be wary of men in their close proximity. Be mindful of their wariness and instead of taking it personally, be better! Keep your distance so they are aware you do not pose a danger to them.

men do women feel safer
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4. Hands Where They Can See Them

Often times, we’re walking casually and our swinging hands can touch the other person. If you’re a guy and this happens with you, know that when it’s a woman on the receiving end, it can feel horrifying. Instead, walk carefully when you have women nearby so you do not accidentally touch them.

5. Intervene When Things Are Fishy

Often times women are grappling with uncomfortable situations with strangers on their own. It can be a man who’s being too close or someone who is repeatedly staring at them or following them. If you observe this happening near you, step in to alleviate the situation.

6. Gauge Interest Levels Before Acting

men do women feel safer
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Instead of flirting with just about any girl who smiles at you, gauge the other person’s interest level. Flirting with a woman who isn’t showing any interest in you can make them feel unsafe and uncomfortable. Be appropriate!

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