street children life change
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On World Street Children Day, let’s acknowledge that a lot of tiny lives live on the streets. They bear the harsh weather without any predictability and security and often are around the worst company. However, all hope is not lost. While you may not be able to save every life, here’s how you can play a part in improving them.

Why Should You Care?

In Pakistan, there are approximately 3 million children who live on the streets. Living on the streets means constant exposure to all sorts of diseases. The excitement in the exploration of surroundings is considered a key for children’s growth. Moreover, it also means hunger, fear and work are their main preoccupations. That’s not a life any child should live. So here’s how you can do your part:

1. Donate Warm Clothes

Creating a warm clothes bank in areas where a lot of children live on the streets is a great idea. If you believe a bank can not work, take your clothes and give them directly! Even oversized clothes can work as long as they make them warm.

street children life change
Image Source: Al Jazeera

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2. Collecting Donations for Ration

Giving ration to the families of the children who live on the streets is a great way to help. You get to help the children in two ways: by reducing the parents’ need to make their small children work and by providing the means to have healthy food.

3. A Little Time Goes A Long Way

If you know of any specific place where a lot of children sleep on the streets, take some time out. Take an activity along with you like colouring books! Taking out even half an hour every week will give the children something to look forward to.

street children life change
Image Source: Al Jazeera

4. Volunteer To Pay For Their Schooling

You’d be surprised to know how many parents want to send their children to school yet don’t have the money. Speak to their parents and see whether they’d like to send their child to a nearby school. If not, this is the time to use your persuasion skills and have a child be educated.

5. Get Them Toys

This might seem useless: if children are fending for their lives on streets, what can toys do? More than you can think! Toys are meant to stimulate children’s brain development and make them think actively. Without such activities, children’s brain development lags. 

street children life change
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